37 Best Bathroom Flooring

adding 1000 sq feet without construction

adding 1000 sq feet without construction from Best Bathroom Flooring

Design your area in line with how it is used most frequently. If your family prefers a shower rather than a shower, think of a quick shower for associate occasional tub and use the extra area to set up a shower.

Or, if you like a bath, then the corner shower cubicle may be a smart use of area and can fit in with a complete or free-standing vessel. For a smart space-saving answer, produce a stud wall at the top of the bathtub to create one side of the shower cubicle.

Think about adding the basin “his and hers” when you have the area. they’re not solely terribly trendy, they are conjointly terribly helpful for families with children. as a result of you have enough room to clean and refresh before reaching to college. place it on top? A trough-shaped washbasin with wall fittings may be a sensible various.